Lead Somali researcher

Peace Direct is currently conducting research in partnership with the Life and Peace Institute (LPI) to explore the links between peacebuilding and women in Kismayo. Peace Direct intends to continue this partnership and conduct further research on peacebuilding in Kismayo, which is the subject of this TOR.

The researcher will be expected to work with LPI and Peace Direct to put forward credible suggestions for future research into one or more of the following areas: the role of civil society actors in peacebuilding in Kismayo; the motivations of different interest groups in maintaining peace in Kismayo; the push and pull factors for young people joining armed groups; the role of women and peacebuilding in Kismayo. In collaboration with both organisations and stakeholders on the ground, the researcher will design the methodology, outputs and objectives of any research.

Currently Peace Direct is delivering a project in Kismayo that has a focus on support to local peacebuilding. However, very little is documented on peacebuilding in Kismayo and one of the aims of this consultancy is to build on previous research to help increase the understanding of the peacebuilding sector of the dynamics, opportunities and challenges to increase the existing peacebuilding capacity.

The consultant will be expected to work closely with the Life and Peace Institute (LPI) which Peace Direct has developed a research partnership with, having already conducted extensive research into the relationship of women to peacebuilding. Future research proposed will build upon this.

The consultant will ultimately report to Peace Direct but behave as an integrated member of the LPI team, sharing the LPI office and collaborating on design, implementation, analysis and write up of the research where relevant.

In addition to this research the consultant will provide guidance to Peace Direct and its partners to ensure the work they implement is conflict sensitive and to represent Peace Direct in meetings and events as necessary.

Please send a CV with a covering letter stating your interest in, and suitability for, the role to recruitment@peacedirect.org. The deadline for applications is Friday 31 March with interviews taking place first week of April via skype. All applications will be acknowledged.

Local Peacebuilding Experts sought for: Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia

Insight on Conflict provides information on local peacebuilding organisations in areas of conflict. We feature profiles of over 1,400 organisations around the world, as well as blog posts and key resources on peacebuilding. Key to our work is our network of ‘Local Peacebuilding Experts’, who help to research and write about peacebuilding and conflict around the world.

Peace Direct is currently seeking Local Peacebuilding Experts to report on peacebuilding work in: Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Tunisia.

For this role, we require someone with contacts in the NGO or peacebuilding sector, a strong interest in the media and reporting, and excellent written and spoken English (in the case of Francophone countries, we can consider working with a Local Peacebuilding Expert who speaks French and not English, though English language skills are an advantage). The role is ideal for someone pursuing a career in peacebuilding with an interest in journalism. Local Peacebuilding Experts should be based in the country they cover; we may consider people living outside the country if they have exceptional links to the peacebuilding sector in that country. Priority will be given to local/national applicants.

The role is not full-time and is not salaried, though Local Peacebuilding Experts do receive some payment for work published on the website. The work is best suited for people with a passionate desire to share information on peacebuilding with a wide audience. 

In their role, the primary area of work of the Local Peacebuilding Expert will be on investigating and supplying information on local peacebuilders. The Local Peacebuilding Expert is expected to occasionally submit posts to the Insight on Conflict blog. The blog gives space to Peace Direct and the Local Peacebuilding Experts to respond instantly to developments in conflicts around the world. It also offers a place for more personal reflections by the Local Peacebuilding Experts on their work.

If you are interested in becoming Insight on Conflict's Local Peacebuilding Expert for any of the above countries,  please send a CV, writing sample, and a short covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to Ruairi Nolan: ruairi@peacedirect.org

Deadline for applications: this is an open call for applications. Please note that if you are not a national of the country or region for which you are applying, or are not currently based in the country, your application will not be considered

Volunteer translators

We have a particular need for translators able to work to and from French and English. Please send your CV and details of any experience to kevin@peacedirect.org.

Deadline for applications: this is an open call for applications.

Guest writers

We are always looking for writers able to contribute articles on peacebuilding to our site. If you're interested in contributing an article, please check our guidelines for guest writers.

Deadline for applications: this is an open call for applications.