05 October 2012: Pakistan peacebuilding organisation, Interfaith Youth in Action, speak out against the recent anti-Islam film and the violence it has triggered,

Interfaith Youth in Action (IYA), a network of diverse faith youth and a project of Youth Development Foundation (YDF) and local chapter of World Faith USA founded by Shahid Rehmat, is a non-profit, non-government and secular organization led by young people from diverse faiths and backgrounds in Pakistan. IYA serves as a network of diverse youth to promote pluralism, mutual respect for religious diversity and bridge building among youth of different faiths through interfaith dialogues, need based initiatives, friendly relationship and human based coexistent.

With regard to the current incidents related to the hateful slandering of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Islam in the media or Internet, we members of Interfaith Youth in Action/ World Faith Pakistan around the Pakistan are united in the conviction that no one should humiliate or disrespect the religious beliefs and faiths of the others. We condemn the egregious acts and video intended to defame what the entire Islamic community holds to be unspeakably dear. We are united in our sympathy for fellow Islamic religious believers who have felt so deeply offended.

While acknowledging the deep hurt felt by Muslims around the world—we are also rejecting the killing of persons and the destruction of property as a reaction to these offensive acts in Pakistan and around the Islamic world.


  1. We condemn this video, which triggered a wave of protest and violence around Islamic world; we demand the removal of anti-religious material from internet.
  2. We also demand the removal of material deemed hateful in textbooks and an end to the misuse of blasphemy law and forced conversion in Pakistan.
  3. We condemn attacks on churches and demand protection for religious minorities in Pakistan.
  4. We condemn and demand justice for victims, killing of persons and the destruction of property as a reaction to these offensive acts in Pakistan and around the world.


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