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How to address human rights abuses in Burundi?

As many as 400,000 people have fled Burundi since the political crisis began in 2015, triggering mass protests, violence and human rights abuse across the country. Read more »

20 October 2017

Extremist Buddhists target Muslims in Sri Lanka, but impunity prevails.

Sri Lankan Muslims are the victims of a systematic hate campaign. But the government, once again, is condoning violence. Read more »

06 November 2013

Sudan protests: an on the ground report

A report from Khartoum, Sudan where protests against the governments proposed austerity measures have provoked a violent crackdown from security services. Read more »

05 July 2012

Ivory Coast in crisis

Ivory Coast in Crisis: "We sat on the floor in terror, as they banged and banged repeatedly on our gate, shots and mortars exploding nearby." Read more »

27 May 2011