Harshadeva Amarathunga is Sri Lankan peacebuilding expert. He was previously our Local Correspondent in Sri Lanka. Harsha speaks English and Sinhala.

Latest from Harshadeva Amarathunga

Omission of gender: Sri Lanka's "Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission"

Reflecting on the gender perspective in Sri Lanka and the lack of gender sensitivity in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission. Read more »

25 June 2014

Eating for peace

Sharing food and cooking together is one of the most powerful - and basic - ways of bringing people together. Read more »

05 February 2014

Questioning democracy: Local elections in Sri Lanka

Local elections are held tomorrow in Sri Lanka, yet despite the end of the war, election related violence continues. Read more »

16 March 2011

Displaced again: IDPs hit by floods in Sri Lanka

How local organisations are responding to the recent flooding in Sri Lanka, where many of the worst affected areas are still recovering from conflict and tsunami Read more »

13 January 2011

Ajith Kumarasiri: A musician confronting war with music

Ajith is a musician who travels with his guitar in the war affected areas of Sri Lanka, hoping to bring people together through music. He has collaborated with different peacebuilders in his work. Read more »

23 December 2010

18th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution

Dr Jehan Perera of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka offers his views on the 18th Amendment to the Constitution in Sri Lanka. Read more »

21 September 2010

Hope of peace in Sri Lanka

The armed conflict in Sri Lanka is over, but still the government has not given a satisfactory political solution for the Tamils who live in North and East Sri Lanka. Read more »

Sri Lankan interpretation of R&B

A planned concert by R&B star Akon caused protests in Sri Lanka Read more »

29 March 2010

UN and Sri Lanka

Last week, Ban-Ki-Moon proposed to appoint a panel of experts to investigate the recent human rights situation of Sri Lanka. Read more »

26 March 2010

Non-violent communication training in Sri Lanka

The Sandhi Institute in Sri Lanka has announced a 10-Day In-depth Residential Training in Nonviolent Communication at the beginning of February 2010 Read more »

09 December 2009