Inga Sikorskaya is Insight on Conflict's Local Correspondent In Kyrgyzstan. She is the Director of the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology, an NGO focused on peace research and media training in Kyrgyzstan. A professional journalist, she spent seven years as a senior editor at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting Central Asia, and previously worked in Kyrgyz TV and radio. She has wide international experience in media, conflict transformation and peace research training.

Latest from Inga Sikorskaya

Global peacebuilders unite: Germany 2016

Last month, peacebuilders from around the world met in Germany to discuss how civil society can contribute to peace. Inga Sikorskaya reports. Read more »

17 October 2016

Kyrgyzstan: peacebuilders and the anti-NGO Bill

Inga Sikorskaya discusses how Kyrgyz civil society mobilised to block a controversial anti-NGO law. Read more »

15 August 2016

Hope not hate: training the media to build peace in Kyrgyzstan

Inga Sikorskaya’s School of Peacemaking and Media Technology is challenging media xenophobia in Kyrgyzstan. Read more »

31 May 2016

Kyrgyzstan’s election campaign: the struggle for peace

With parliamentary elections due to take place on October 4th in Kyrgyzstan, Inga Sikorskaya describes some of the problems that threaten the chances of a peaceful campaign. Read more »

28 September 2015

A brief history of conflict in Kyrgyzstan

Insight on Conflict’s new Local Correspondent in Kyrgyzstan, Inga Sikorskaya, gives an overview of some of the conflict issues in the Central Asian state. Read more »

09 September 2015