Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed is Peace Direct's Pakistan Local Peacebuilding Expert and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Deakin University in Australia. He received his PhD from the University of New England (UNE) in Australia, and has taught peace and conflict studies at universities in Australia and Pakistan. Since 2003, Zahid has worked with local and international development agencies in South Asia on various peacebuilding and development projects. He has published and presented papers on a wide range of issues, including Islam, human rights, peace & conflict, regionalism, and regional security.

Latest from Zahid Shahab Ahmed

Impact of COVID-19 on conflict and peace in Pakistan

In this article, local peacebuilding expert in Pakistan Zahid Shahab Ahmed reflects on the impact of COVID-19 for peacebuilders, along with the opportunities brought about by a pandemic. Read more »

14 July 2020

Counter-extremism in Pakistan: success or falling short?

Two years on from the development of the Pakistani government’s flagship plan to tackle terrorism, has it had any success? Zahid Ahmed discusses developments in the light of recent attacks. Read more »

16 February 2017

Youth peace entrepreneurs in Pakistan

The story of Ali Raza Khan and his organisation YES Network’s pioneering youth peace entrepreneur initiatives in Pakistan. Read more »

18 August 2016

Learning from an experienced peace educator in Pakistan

Zahid Shahab Ahmed interviews an experienced peace educator to discover what it takes to implement a successful peace education programme in Pakistan. Read more »

03 February 2016

History repeating itself? Overcoming the legacy of partition in Pakistan

An interview with Anam Zakaria, a young peacebuilder overcoming prejudice, intolerance and mistrust between Pakistan and India. Read more »

20 January 2015

Promoting peace through art: Laajverd’s workshops in Pakistan’s schools

How a group of young artists are using art and culture to promote peace in Pakistan's schools. Read more »

24 July 2013

Pakistan: A look back at 2012

Insight on Conflict's Local Correspondent for Pakistan asks: where is Pakistan heading in coming years and what should be done to improve the situation? Read more »

14 February 2013

The future of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

As the international presence in Afghanistan winds down, what does the future hold for the three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan? Read more »

14 September 2012

Muslims, Christians make Ramadan friendships

The work of the Inter-Faith Youth Forum in Lahore, Pakistan has been recognized by UCA News. Read more »

16 August 2012

Pakistan: Peacebuilding in an impossible context?

Caught between the restrictions from the state and suspicion from the public, Pakistani peacebuilders need work on their own terms. Read more »

27 July 2012