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Calle 51 La Convencion Numero 47 - 31 Rionegro Antioquia Colombia
+57 531 79 99 Ext. 104

Thematic areas

Health & counselling
Human rights
Peace education
Refugees and IDPs
Transitional justice and reconciliation

Corporacion Vida, Justicia y Paz (CVJP) is an ecclesiastical charity working on peace and development by tackling the main social problems affecting communities in the east of Antioquia. CVJP advocates the reconstruction of the social fabric so that it may be strengthened to create conditions for peace.

CJVP targets vulnerable communities and builds links between public, private and third sector organisations, such as local councils, schools, companies, hospitals and churches, in order to coordinate efforts to help people in the region.

In its campaigns and projects, CVJP promotes a healthy lifestyle among young people, promoting drug prevention and the prevention of unwanted teen pregnancies. It supports displaced people by demanding their rights to return home, the return of their lands, and the prevention of future displacement. CVJP is also involved in forums where they expose the plight of vulnerable communities and offer training to human rights leaders.

Reconciliation and Victims Project

The worsening of violence in the region prompted several strategies and initiatives by victims to tackle the spread of aggression and its harmful effects. Keeping alive the memory of the consequences that conflict has left is essential to avoid repetition and prevent new violent actions against these communities. CVJP therefore developed the project 'Reconciliation and Victims' within the framework of Programa por la Paz coordinated by CINEP.

The project works by giving psychosocial assistance to victims of violence through community leaders from the Church, as well as civilians. Together they attempt to achieve social recovery, and engage in advocacy for victims’ rights and participation in local political decisions.

Last updated: February 2015