Boite organisée de Secours Sanitaire et d’Etudes (BOSSE)

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Avenue du 4 janvier n° 20 Mulongwe/Uvira
(+243) 816182833

Thematic areas

Health & counselling

Boite organisée de Secours Sanitaire et d’Etudes (BOSSE) was founded in South Kivu, DR Congo, in 1993. BOSSE saw a lack of attention from the Congolese state on newly repatriated Congolese and the need for a local humanitarian organisation to address their needs and concerns.

BOSSE was initially focused on health and established a health clinic. But, driven by the needs on the ground, the organisation has since expanded their activities to include education, development and peacebuilding.


  • Work for peace in local communities;
  • Initiate and build clinics and pharmacies in rural areas;
  • Develop strategies to fight against endemic diseases and other health problems in rural areas;
  • Disseminate methods of protection against tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS;
  • Initiate and build schools and literacy centres; and
  • Initiate economic development programs.

Last updated: September 2011