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Delta Survie is dedicated to defending rural and vulnerable populations in Mali. Among its members there are heads from groups including Tuareg, Fulani, Arabs and Songhai, as well as a high ranking army officer with diplomatic experience and a senior civil servant. These human resources have allowed the organisation to resolve several conflicts and build a strong network of social mobilisation working for rural development and peace in Mali.

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Delta Survie believes there is a danger of excluding or marginalising pastoralists in the development plans and programmes of Sahelian countries. To avoid this the organisation is involved in helping to educate nomadic people. It initiated and developed the "Mobile School" - a special education programme for nomadic populations from the Niger river delta - which the organisation is trying to expand in the wider region. Delta Survie has seen a change in attitudes among nomadic populations, and more than 200 requests to establish mobile schools in the Interior Delta of Niger.

To combat the unacceptable situation of women with fistula, Delta Survie initiated a programme in 2000 called “Observatory of Fistula in the Region of Mopti”. This programme works to prevent, identify and take care of cases, referring them at hospital and providing accommodation, psychosocial care, support and help with reintegration for women with fistula living in the Mopti region.

DS 1 A training sessino in Yélimané, Kayes regin.

Delta Survie was awarded the Tamani D'Or Prize for Peace in 2014 for its mediation work. Since 2014, it has also implemented the Mali elemtn of the Programme Sous Regional d'Education des Population Pastorales (Sub Regional Education for Pastoral Populations Programme), which works in Chad, Niger, Benin, Mali, Togo and Mauritania. In Mali, the organisation works on the Mali-Mauritania border area of Kayes, and the Mali-Burkina Faso border region of Mopti.

Delta Survie is currently establishing a programme called Water For peace, which is a comprehensive project aimed at the social, economic and political integration of nomadic populations through workin on water, food security, education and governance issues.

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Last updated: September 2016

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To promote Delta survie, please share and advertise the link on insight on conflict. The secetary general received the Award Harris Wofford Global Citizen United States of America.

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