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Lot 3, Sputnik St., Dona Vicenta Village, Davao City
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Children and youth
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CRC justiceThe Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) is a non-profit, non-governmental institution that serves children and families who are victims of state violence. It was founded in 1988, and is accredited by the Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD) as a community-based and family welfare agency.

It was established with the mission to help child victims-survivors of armed conflict, social and natural disasters and sexual abuse. It is the only non-government organisation in the country that focuses on child psycho-social problems arising from the ongoing political armed conflict. It works on the premise that the best way to address such problems is by changing the nucleus and societal environment of the child.

CRC's approach to rehabilitation is family-centered while maintaining an active disposition towards upholding peaceful societal conditions.

Its establishment was a response to the problem on psychological, emotional and physical health of the children who suffered from armed conflict, natural disasters and social disorder. It focuses its services on child welfare and the communities as their immediate support system.


CRC envisions a sovereign, peaceful society that responds to basic needs and respects the rights of children and their families. It envisions responsible parents and communities that nurture the potential of every child to think, to learn, to express creatively and critically. It hopes for children who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy and equipped with coping skills to analyse and act in whatever type of situation.

CRC's key mission is to facilitate psychosocial help primarily for child victims of state violence and secondarilyy for child survivors of social and natural disasters as well as victims of sexual abuse at the grassroots and community level, in order to lay the groundwork for people's initiatives, creativity, responsibility and communal concern for children. CRC takes special focus in assisting women's organisations in promoting and addressing children's rights and welfare.

Last updated: December 2015