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Peace Direct is launching a collaborative research project for experts and practitioners in countering violent extremism (CVE). The project will bring together people with knowledge and experiences from a diverse range of contexts to share best practices and develop new approaches.

The research will cover CVE as it relates to three broad areas:

  • Prevention: why do people join violent extremist groups, and what strategies are available for countering extremist messages?
  • De-radicalisation: what best practices exist for changing the minds of those involved in violent groups, and how do we help those that wish to leave?
  • Reintegration and reconciliation: what comes after involvement in violent extremism?

We are particularly keen for participants to be drawn from a variety of backgrounds and contexts. Participants can be based anywhere in the world, focusing on issues such as (but are not limited to):

  • Racial extremism, such as white supremacist groups.
  • Religious extremism
  • Issue-based extremism, such as violent animal rights groups, or anti-LGBT violence.
  • Separatist/nationalist violence.

How participation will benefit your work

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a piece of collaborative research. You will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn from the perspectives of other experts
  • Receive a report on violent extremism that you can use in your own peacebuilding work or research
  • Be listed as contributor to a report into violent extremism that you may list amongst your publications
  • Be able to test out an innovative online approach to research
  • Raise awareness of the wide variety of work taking place to stop violence and build peace around the world

How the research will work

The research findings will be based on the analysis of the participants. The role of Peace Direct will be to facilitate the discussion and coordinate the production of the report.

The consultations will take place online, using Convetit, an innovative platform for bringing together experts. The consultation will last 5 days online.

After the online consultation is complete, Peace Direct will coordinate the writing up of the findings, in consultation with participants.

The outcome

The outcome of the research will be a key research paper on the topic of peacebuilding strategies for combating violent extremism.

The research report will be published and promoted by Peace Direct to a wide variety of stakeholders. Participating organisations and individuals will be listed as contributors. Participants will be able to contribute anonymously if needed.

What is required to participate

The online consultation will take place from April 3 – 7 2017.

During this period, participants will be expected to log in and join the discussion at least once each day, and ideally more often. You will be expected to read all commentary and participate by posting comments, responses and ideas. It may take just a few minutes a day to make some very important contributions to the research.

After the online consultation phase, you will be encouraged to contribute to discussion on the compilation of the final report.

The online system allows participants to contribute at times most suitable to them. Therefore it is possible to fit participation around your usual commitments.

How to participate

Slots for participation are limited. If you are interested in taking part, contact before 27 March 2017. Please provide details of relevant areas of expertise, and practical experience you or your organisation have in countering violent extremism.