This post was originally published on the Ashoka Peace Blog

After 18 months of blogging at the intersection of peace and social innovation, and leading a field-wide initiative on this subject, Ashoka Peace is excited to announce a new partnership with Peace Direct and its Insight on Conflict initiative. We, at the Ashoka Peace blog, have merged with Insight on Conflict and hope that you will keep reading about this critical subject at the new address and new avatar.

From our perspective, the new blog offers a unique global platform for those interested in how local people can lead peacebuilding programs in their own communities worldwide. Its content is a mix of opinion-pieces on issues or developments, reports from the field, and interviews with respected figures.

Its aim is to change opinion and raise the profile of locally led peacebuilding. It is the most prominent element of the Insight on Conflict website - which already attracts 100,000 visits per year.

We're excited about the new leadership for this conversation and invite you to check out the new version of the blog here.

Thank you for your faith and readership as we grew the Ashoka Peace blog. We couldn't have done it without you, our readers. Peace.