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DR Congo: Support Community-based Tools for MONUSCO

In this report Refugees International discusses how the UN mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO) to involve communities in the protection of civilians. The report provides recommendations as to how this work can be best supported.

Justice compromised: the legacy of Rwanda’s community-based 'gacaca' courts

Faced with the enormous task of bringing those responsible for the Rwandan genocide to justice, the Rwanda government turned to community-based courts – ‘gacaca’ - in an effort to ensure speedy process  with the inclusion of the community. As the process comes to an end, this report from Human Rights Watch assesses how well the process has worked. They find serious shortcomings, raising concerns that the gacaca have led to miscarriages of justice and unevenness application of the law.

Talking to groups that use terror

The latest in the 'Peacemaker's Toolkit' series from USIP looks at talking with groups involved in terrorist activities. The handbook aims to provide mediators with practical information and advice on topics such as which kinds of groups are worth engaging with, opening channels of communication, and facilitating negotiations.

Women in religious peacebuilding

'Women in religious peacebuilding (pdf)' examines the role women in building peace from within religious communities. The report argues that much of the work of women in this area is ignored, denying a potentially powerful tool for building peace.

Afghanistan Transition: The Death of Bin Laden and Local Dynamics

Through a series of recent surveys conducted around Afghanistan, this report (pdf) looks at the opinions and perceptions of Afghan men on issues surrounding the transition after the death of Osama bin Laden.

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