Pakistan Calling is a innovative platform for film makers to show the links between civil and cultural organisations and communities in Pakistan and the UK. The films explore some of the many pressing social problems faced by Pakistan, and highlights the inspiring stories of people and organisations tackling these issues.

We've included some of our favourite films below. All the films are available on the Pakistan Calling website, with more being added all the time. If you are a film maker with a story to tell, the project is still accepting contributions.

I am a Agha

A powerful and touching portrait of a day in the life of a child who lives on the street, collecting rubbish to survive.

Ajoka - A story of Activism and Theatre

Theatre group Ajoka has been part of the struggle for a democratic, humane and egalitarian Pakistan for the last 25 years.

Trading for Peace in Kashmir

A film from Ashima Kaul on how cross border trade is promoting peace in the disputed region of Kashmir.