Dilan Okcuoglu

Dilan Okcuoglu is a PhD candidate studying comparative politics and political theory at Queen’s University in Canada. Her background is in economics, politics and philosophy. Her research focuses on the perceived imperative of territorial control on the part of the state and its political effects on many different policies and practices of the state aimed at including Kurds through policies of integration and democratisation. Based on twelve months of ethnographic research in the cities of Van and Hakkari, which are located along the Kurdish borderlands of Turkey, her research questions what kind of inclusion is forged through state inclusion policies at the margins, or borderlands. She has worked on nationalism, secession, democracy and democratisation, conflict and peace studies, minority rights, and theories of social and global justice. Dier book reviews have appeared on International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP) and she is currently working on a review article on different forms of political autonomy for Ethnopolitics. She has worked as a course instructor on conflict analysis at Bogazici University Summer School, as a teaching and research assistant at Queen’s University, as a professional journalist for English daily Hurriyet Daily News (HDN), and as a book review editor assistant for Nationalities papers (NP).