Tadziripa Madzima

Tadziripa Madzima is a Zimbabwean Communications specialist with over 12 years experience in communications, partner relations management, advertising, storytelling, branding, event planning, public relations and digital media related work. She has experience in creating communications strategies and campaigns for European and African markets. She has served as a Global Communications Manager and Partnerships Manager for Reach for Change, supporting with communications, partnerships management, fundraising and storytelling across 18 markets internationally. In 2018 she was selected as a Fellow by the Mandela Washington Fellowship which is the flagship program of U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders initiative. Tadzi also founded a youth initiative called Ignite Youth in Zimbabwe, which provides a purpose-centered approach to career guidance for young people. She holds a Bachelors degree in International Relations and Diplomacy with a focus on development, international law and economics. She also holds a Facilitators Certificate in Alternatives to Violence from Phaphama Initiatives and a professional certificate in Peace, Trade and Development from the Monterey Institute of International studies. She is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration and also completing her Advanced Certification in Public Relations with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Tadzi uses her expertise to share on how communications plays a vital role in achieving development, progress and peace and in crafting untold stories, putting together compelling articles and thought leadership pieces.