Action de Partenaires pour l’Appui au Développement (APAD)

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APAD works with young people in Chad, bringing together 250 youth organisations from 20 regions in the country.
Last updated: September 2016

Action de Partenaires pour l’Appui au Développement (Partner Action for Support to Development, APAD) works with young people in Chad, bringing together 250 youth organisations from 20 regions in the country.

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Its mission is to contribute to sustainable development in Chad through the involvement of those young people in society. It aims to support their social, economic and cultural integration, in order for them to be key actors for social change in Chad.

Its vision is to contribute to the emergence of a civil society free of divisions and working to develop public policy contributing to democratisation, peace and development in Chad.

APAD's work has included:

  • Supporting the establishment of youth groups in order that the voice of young people be heard in the development of public policy, as well as preparing division-free leadership .
  • Training young people in the areas of citizen participation, public policy and monitoring the state budget. In 2013, this was carried out with 468 young people, followed by training for a further 422 in 2014. In total, 890 people were therefore trained Abeche, Ati, Moussoro, Mongo, Mao, Doba, Bongor, Moundou, Koumra, Pala, Sarh and N’djamena.
  • Organising an exchange and capacity building trip for seven civil society platforms, representing seven regions in Chad, to Yaoundé and Douala in Cameroon in May 2014. Two officials from APAD, as well as Cameroonian civil society organisations, took part in this event, which allowed not only for key training on citizenship issues to take place, but also to develop a key sharing platform between the Chadian groups and those in Cameroon.
  • Organising a seminar for 20 youth Muslim organisations on Islam and citizenship in N'Djamena in 2013, one of the first training sessions to take place in Chad on the subject.APAD pic 2

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