Boite organisée de Secours Sanitaire et d’Etudes (BOSSE)

BOSSE programmes cover the areas of peacebuilding, education, development and health in Eastern DR Congo.

Boite organisée de Secours Sanitaire et d’Etudes (BOSSE) was founded in South Kivu, DR Congo, in 1993. BOSSE saw a lack of attention from the Congolese state on newly repatriated Congolese and the need for a local humanitarian organisation to address their needs and concerns.

BOSSE was initially focused on health and established a health clinic. But, driven by the needs on the ground, the organisation has since expanded their activities to include education, development and peacebuilding.


  • Work for peace in local communities;
  • Initiate and build clinics and pharmacies in rural areas;
  • Develop strategies to fight against endemic diseases and other health problems in rural areas;
  • Disseminate methods of protection against tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS;
  • Initiate and build schools and literacy centres; and
  • Initiate economic development programs.

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