Citizen’s Commission for Human Development (CCHD)

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The CCHD seeks to involve civil society in protecting human rights and peace by training community members in monitoring and conflict management.
Last updated: December 2019

The Citizen’s Commission for Human Development (CCHD) was established in 1989 with a mission to promote sustainable development, justice and equity in Pakistan. Since 2000, CCHD has been actively involved in the promotion of decentralisation in Pakistan, and therefore works closely with the government, in particular with the National Reconstruction Bureau.

The CCHD programme on “Human Rights and Peace” focuses on the rights of women and children. Under this programme the commission has built the capacity of 1,200 Musalihat-i-Anjuman (Reconciliatory Organisation) members in Bahawalpur and Attock districts to maximise their outreach, and dispute resolution at the local level.

Its training programmes for government officials, police, journalists, teachers and lawyers have been comprised of modules on violence, monitoring of violence, and conflict management. So far the programme has provided 3,500 women with legal aid and counselling from its eight District Support Centres in and around Punjab.

Human rights and Peace achievements:

1)      CCHD has provided legal aid and legal advice to 4,500 women. 2)      Raised awareness of 55,000 men and women on women’s rights through community seminars. 3)      Built capacity of 2,500 community justice providers on Alternate Dispute Resolution. 4)      Built capacity of 300 Core Group members on gender based violence monitoring of incidents and counseling. 5)      Sensitised 1600 police and jail officials on women’s rights. 6)      Developed and disseminated Monitoring reports on the Status of Violence in Punjab from 2002 to 2009.

Good governance:

1)      CCHD has educated 88,000 men and women on the political and administrative role of local governments. 2)      Trained 840 journalists on the art of political reporting, and increased women’s participation in politics. 3)      Built capacity of 3600 members of ‘Citizens Community Board Secretaries’ Union Councils on project development and participatory monitoring. 4)      Built capacity of 200 NGOs on rights based advocacy skills. 5)      Held 2 years of weekly radio campaigns on Local Governance from 2005-2007. 6)      Hosted 300 advocacy programs on Television and Radio. 7)      Organized a South Asian Symposium on “Strengthening Democratic Practices in South Asia” in 2008.

Protection assistance to those affected by floods:

1)      Provided legal aid to 5,371 individuals. 2)      Reported 803 cases of Violence Against Women. 3)      Provided legal aid, psychological services and referral services to 22,000 flood affectees; and Conducted 2,434 Focus Group Discussions in communities and IDP camps.

Media campaigns to educate and advocate on violence against women and women's rights:

1)      CCHD has run 18 Talk shows on Gender Ministering through Media on PTV and Hum TV. 2)       Conducted 5 Talk Shows on Role of National Assembly on PTV. 3)      Produced and aired 13 drama episodes ‘Jheel Kinary’ on Women’s Political Empowerment. 4)      Produced and aired 13 drama episodes ‘Phool Meri Zameen’ on Environment on PYV. 5)      Produced and aired 6 TV drama features on Safe Motherhood on PTV. 6)      Produced and aired 78 insertions on Khawateen Times on PTV during the Local Government Elections 2002, 2005 and General Elections 2002, 2008. 7)      Produced 138 Message Insertions to mobilise Women voters and Candidates for the local government elections on PTV. 8)      Produced and aired 30 insertions on Women’s Rights on PTV.

Besides television, CCHD also uses radio broadcasting and has produced and broadcasted:

1)      114 Weekly Radio Programs on Local Governments during 2005 -2007. 2)      5 jingles and 5 songs for voter’s education and mobilization in 2000, 2002, and 2006. 3)      13 Magazine Shows on National Assembly. 4)      14 Radio Magazine Shows on political education. 5)       13 Magazine Shows on the role of the National Assembly, which covered 10 districts.

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