Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos (CIPRODEH)

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CIPRODEH works to strengthening a culture of human rights in Honduras.
Last updated: January 2016
The Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (Centre for Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights, CIPRODEH) began its work in 1989. It was founded with the purpose of establishing a civil society organisation that would generate and manage knowledge and influence in public policy dedicated to strengthening a culture of human rights in Honduras as the country transitioned away from military dictatorship.


Today, CIPRODEH is a national, professional organisation focused on exercising leadership in research, promotion and strengthening of human rights with a view to creating a peaceful, just and democratic Honduran society.


CIPRODEH aspires to consolidate leadership in Honduras which contributes to the strengthening of institutional democracy and law, with social justice for full vigilance towards and respect for human rights in Honduras.


CIPRODEH is a research, promotion and human rights defence organisation which generates changes towards to construction of a democratic and just state, respecting human rights and liberty, in a manner consequent to the needs and inclusion of the population.


  • Research: Promoting and increasing knowledge of human rights.
  • Influence: Influence in the development and implementation of public policy with a focus on rights.
  • Promotion: Promote the diffusion, education and appropriation of huamn rights by the Honduran population, empowering them, generating changes in attitues and ensuring active citizens who clame their rights and liberties.
  • Defending rights: Contributing to the generation of social and political conditions which favour the application of and access to justice, as well as the respect for, protection and defence of human rights.

CIPRODEH belongs to several national and Latin American networks active in human rights, citizen security, the prevention of violence associated with young people, and the prevention of armed conflict. It also belongs to the International Federation of Human Rights and REDCEPAZ.


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