Citizens’ Association “Women’s Voice of Priboj”

Women's Voice of Priboj aims to promote and protect human and minority rights in Serbia.

Women's Voice of Priboj aims to promote and protect human and minority rights in Serbia. It supports the development of democracy and civil society, runs activities targeting unemployed middle-aged women, supports children and the elderly, and promotes environmental protection and sustainable development in local communities.

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Main projects

  1. "Strengthening the Social and Economic Position of Women", supported by the Australian Embassy in Serbia, and aimed at socio-economic empowerment of women in multi-ethnic areas. 
  2. “New Beginning“, a seminar for middle-aged unemployed women.
  3. "Female Working Circle." This was supported by the Rekonstrukcija Female Fund, and included 41 participants
  4. “Solidarity for Women’s Labour Rights." This is focused on women who lost their jobs during the wars of 1990s, with the aim of organising and facilitating their joint quest for improvement of their labour rights, supported by the Rekonstrukcija Female Fund. It included 35 participants. 
  5. “Helping Hand” - providing assistance to elderly and lonely people, implemented in cooperation with the National Employment Service, including 39 participants. This project is continuing year to year. The organisation is hoping that the local government has recognised its importance and influence.


Major achievements

The successful implementation of a number of projects; participation in local and regional seminars, educational programmes and training organised by NGOs: Working Woman, Women in Black, Civic Initiatives, Autonomous Women’s Centre.

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