Governance and National Constitution Education Trust (GANCET)

GANCET empowers the people of Zimbabwe to demand accountability, transparency and participation.

The Governance and National Constitution Education Trust (GANCET) was formed in 2014 to tackle what were seen as declining socio-economic conditions in Zimbabwe, linked to poor governance performance at national, local and institutional levels.

The aims of GANCET are to empower the people of Zimbabwe to demand accountability, transparency and participation from their leaders at every level. GANCET also aims to strive to protect, promote, broaden and deepen the concept of democracy in the country. It seeks to broaden popular participation in decision-making, promote consultative policy processes and constitutional education, strengthen, protect and foster a culture of human rights and the rule of law. The organisation strives to implement, incorporate and protect international human rights norms.

In order to achieve its goals, GANCET holds dialogue meetings, seminars, debates and training workshops. It also issues public statements on relevant and national constitutional issues. GANCET also monitors the economic and socio-political and legal developments in the country and submits position papers to relevant bodies or authorities.

The organisation also organises and participates in public campaigns and other advocacy activities. It engages in local and international networks, creating archival databases and a resource centre for its activities and other related activities on developments in the country.

Membership of GANCET is open to individuals and institutions who subscribe to the aims, objectives and spirit of the organisation to promote good governance and constitutionalism in the country.

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