Kapamagogopa Incorporated

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Kapamagogopa Incorporated is an organisation which places young Muslim volunteers in organisations working for peace and development.
Last updated: June 2015

KI Peacebuilders 2Kapamagogopa Incorporated (KI) is a non-profit development organisation that is the first and only systematised and institutionalised Muslim volunteer organisation in the Philippines. KI places young Muslim volunteers in organisations working in peace and development. Often the volunteers are the only Muslims working for these organisations. Their placement not only helps overcome stereotypes of Muslims in communities that the host organisation serves, but also allows the host organisation to help communities which non-Muslims have trouble reaching.

In the Maranao dialect, Kapamagogopa means sharing and helping each other. It provides opportunities for young female and male Muslims, and local NGOs, community members, youth associations and other stakeholders all contribute to its establishment.

KI's innovative approach to peacebuilding is having a powerful impact. By creating opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims to work together towards a peaceful and prosperous Philippines, KI is transforming negative perceptions and encouraging interfaith harmony.

KI aims for the attainment, self-reliant, multi-cultural and well developed communities through advocacy and volunteering. It recognises that young people represent a critical constituency for cross cultural understanding and peacebuilding. Engaging youth in dialogue and cooperation efforts serves to address their feelings of isolation and hopelessness, and contributes to the overall security of the community. KI's projects empower young Muslim women and men by giving them active roles in peacebuilding, channeling their participation into concrete activities, involving them in decision making and encouraging them to become future leaders. They are mobilised to become volunteers for the promotion of peacebuilding, reconciliation and development to non-Muslim and Muslim communities in Mindanao. This provides equal opportunities to young women and men, enabling them to gain employment and increase participation, especially women, in the peace process.



Muslim Youth Volunteering for Peace and Development (since 2005): KI started with only 9 volunteers, and has grown substantially to over 79 volunteers working in 23 organisations working for peace and development. It also held a volunteer conference which brought over 100 Muslim and Christian volunteers together.

Interfaith Youth Dialogue (Muslim, Christian , Indigenous peoples) in Lanao (since 2007): interfaith youth groups are set up from dialogue conferences which carry out youth led interfaith dialogue projects themselves.

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