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Khan Foundation works mainly in the field of democracy and human rights in Bangladesh.
Last updated: May 2018

Khan Foundation (KF) first began operations during the flood of 1988, in the area of relief & rehabilitation work.

Working mainly in the field of democracy and human rights over two decades, Khan Foundation has made a reputation in the lives of the country's most disadvantaged groups including women, children and the poor. KF over the year has developed a reputation all over the country and partnership with local level elected representatives, initiated a nationwide network with citizen groups, lawyers, civil societies and they have acted as a key thrust group in demanding rights and entitlements.

To promote good governance and institutionalization of democracy, KF introduced the “Aparajita: Political Empowerment of Women” program which is specialized in the promotion of strong local government with confident and capable women who are politically empowered. This program ties together four partner NGOs with expert skills and experiences forming a unique alliance and strengthening the APARAJITA program.

KF has played a pioneer role in establishing good governance in Bangladesh through election observation and practice of voter and civic education program. Khan Foundation is also one of the founder principal members of Election Working Group (EWG) that share a common commitment to free and fair elections, good governance, and the achievement of higher standards of democratic representation and accountability in Bangladesh.

The Foundation is committed to playing an increasing role as a policy advocate in key areas affecting the lives of the poor. KF has conducted awareness building campaigns in 17 districts to aware mass people on women sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), women and child trafficking issue, eradicate trafficking and violence from the society and to sensitize the issues in every aspect of the society at the programs of climate change (a research based program).

In the segment of Socio Economic Development KF is playing a pioneer role since the beginning of its journey. With Rural Credit Program (RCP) Khan Foundation is working in six unions. Through the program members of Samities received health education counseling, and access to medical services and life style advice.

Khan Foundation is working with a vision of poverty alleviation in 10 districts Bangladesh through supporting  human capital development and expanding the capabilities of poor via “The Monitoring and Social Protection Programs. KF believes this initiative will prove to be beneficial for the vulnerable individuals and help to break the inter-generational transmission of poverty. Currently KF looks forward to run these programs in order to improve the living conditions of the country’s deprived people.


The Vision of Khan Foundation for the new millennium is firm in determination yet quite flexible in approach. It would like to see a future Bangladesh where Liberal Democracy flourishes and sustains along with the growth of Economic Development, where basic human rights and dignity are honored, where the millions of downtrodden Bangladeshis no longer suffer under the yoke of poverty, rather adapt to a lifestyle which is simple, yet not impoverished, which is peaceful, yet not extravagant and which is decent yet not too materialistic.

Mission Statement

  1. To strengthen and sustain true representative democracy in the country from the grassroots local government through to central government level while promoting a democratic culture in the country
  2. To improve the living conditions of the country’s disadvantaged groups, in particular women, children and the poor, through launching of effective social and economic development programmes.
  3. To further the cause of the United Nations around the Globe and work towards achieving in Bangladesh The Millennium Development Goals within the target year as set out by the United Nations


  1. To fight against exploitation, injustice, corruption and re-establish a society that respects human rights for all, especially women, children, marginalized disadvantaged communities.
  2. To raise awareness among citizens on socio-political issues (Governance, Human rights, Legal Aid, Environment Protection, Development issues etc.) for the general welfare of the people
  3. Empowering network partners to further improve the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of their efforts by identifying best practices in the area of good            governance, transparency and accountability

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