Peace African Hope Organization

Peace African Hope Organization is a community based organization working mainly in war affected communities in Northern Kivu, DR Congo

Last updated: November 2021

The main initiative work of the organization is promoting and campaigning for Peace in African.

Peace African Hope organization is a community based organization that is working with communities in Northern Kivu and mainly in war affected communities.

Main goals.

  • Advocate for peaceful means of conflict resolution in communities we are working with.
  • Advocating for gender balance and equality in all of Africa.
  • Clean and safe water to the people in the communities.
  • Lasting capacity building for youth to be self reliant in war affected areas and Africa at large.
  • Fighting for human rights and justice for the people in communities where we are operating.
  • Peace talks and negotiations between two parties that would like to reach a common understanding.
  • Helping in education and censorship of the communities that have been affected by war.
  • Education for the less fortunate and marginalized families and communities.
  • Fundraising and volunteering activities to well wishers and donors.
  • Student exchange program with other organizations that are in and out of the country which helps to promote skills and learning from experience from other people which help build confidence to people especially the youth in this country.
  • Advocating for human rights and diplomatic means of conflict resolution.

We are located in Jomba Bunagana where we started from and so fur the results from the communities are positive which gives us hope that we can expand to many other areas.

We are looking for partnership with bigger organizations that can help our community based organization to help these people and campaign for peace in Africa.

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