Platform Noyau de Paix-Isoko ry’Amahoro (NPIA)

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NPIA works for peace promotion and safeguarding, human rights protection and social well-being in Rwanda.
Last updated: March 2017

The Platform Noyau de Paix-Isoko ry’Amahoro (NPIA) works for peace promotion and safeguarding, human rights protection and social well-being in Rwanda. NPIA is composed by 23 local organisations and 16 individuals.

The objective of the Platform is to contribute to the promotion and safeguarding of a sustainable peace in Rwanda through activities related to rights and liberties, citizen participation, the fight against poverty, education about peace and values and eventually by taking part in existing sub regional peace initiatives.

The organisation believes that by building the capacity of civil society promoting peace in Rwanda they can better contribute to the enhancement of peace and justice practice. In this regard NPIA is involved in the following areas of activity: 

  • NPIA as a dynamic space for dialogue: NPIA organises conferences, debates, round tables, context analysis, and studies around peace challenges in order to understand them and to plan projects to solve them.
  • NPIA as a professional competencies centre: NPIA builds the capacities of their partners to help them face peace challenges with professionalism and improve their peace promotion techniques, such as as Reflecting on Peace Practice, or Do no Harm.
  • NPIA as a synergy promoter: Their partners in action are organisations promoting peace in Rwanda. They organise activities together and analyse how to construct partnerships and alliances between organisations.

The activities for NPIA have increased the partnership/synergies/information-sharing and experiences between Rwandan peace organisations, creating a space for peace organisations to improve their strategies and actions. Peace organisations have upgraded their skills in different domains and theories, organisation management, and fund mobilisation. Peace organisations have also recognised the importance of gender mainstreaming in their programs. Every year the process for peace context analysis has become a culture in different peace organisations.

The international partners of the organisation include Caritas Swiss (Financial Partner) and SwissPeace (Capacity Building Partner).

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