Union Fait la Force (UFF)

Union Fait la Force works to improve the livelihoods of local people in DR Congo.
Last updated: November 2017

Union Fait la Force (UFF) is a non-profit Congolese organisation based in Mumosho, South Kivu. Its mission is to improve the livelihoods of the local population through four different strategies: resolving local conflict; improving agricultural outputs; improving livestock profits; and building the capacity of local people in each of these areas.


During the past two years UFF has achieved consistent successes, including:

Resolving local conflict

  • 15 conflicts between 30 households were successfully mediated; these were predominately focused on land issues
  • 1 conflict between two households was successfully mediated; this was a murder case
  • 1 football team was created and 1 football match played at Mumosho ground between a UFF team and their neighbours from Rwanda.


  • 15 heads of household taught were to read and write (5 men and 10 women)
  • 2 tonnes of cassava were harvested
  • 1.5 tonnes of cabbage were harvested
  • 60 goats were distributed to 60 households
  • 100 guinea pigs were distributed to 25 households

One of the organisation's beneficiaries told this story about the impact UFF has had:

I’m Mrs Severine M’Namushiha. live in Cinkunga village, Mumosho. My husband has been jobless since the war of Mzee Laurent Kabila. I’m a mother responsible for seven children. Five of them were studying, two were at university and three others at secondary school. Since their father become jobless, we have had problems in paying the school fees of these children. We got support from the UFF in 1998, since my household joined their activities, including a pair of goats.  As result, after one year, two had become four goats. Then we decided to reimburse one to the UFF. Many thanks to God through UFF because owing to the result of this activity, the children managed to finished their studies and the others are now studying.

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