The Whirling Rainbow Foundation

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation is an organisation cultivating unity, peace and earth sustainability through culture and arts.

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation founded in 1999, is an organisation honouring and celebrating the diverse cultural and spiritual paths of the human family. The foundation is a 'multiversity' for the arts, addressing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth of the global community. They cultivate the universal teachings of inner peace, loving compassion, wisdom and understanding which they see at the core of every spiritual tradition. 

Main activities

  • Personal and community wellness
  • World peace through sacred music events
  • Restoring indigenous wisdom teachings & shamanism 
  • Cultural and healing arts workshops and programs
  • Creating a global peace sanctuary and sustainable community  
  • Promotion, networking and outreach for sustainable projects
  • Expanding consciousness through online spiritual classes 

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