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2008/2009 Philippine Human Development Report

Published: 01 01 2009 · From: Human Development Network
A report focusing on the role of conflict on development, poverty and migration in the Philippines. Go to resource »
Conflicts: Philippines
Countries: Philippines

2008 National Population and Housing Census: Preliminary Results

Published: 01 06 2008 · From: Government of the Republic of Liberia
This report provides statistics of population composition and distribution released from the Census 2008. Go to resource »
Conflicts: Liberia
Countries: Liberia

2010 Yearbook on Peace Processes

From: Escola de Coltura de Pau
The Escola de Coltura de Pau have released the 2010 Yearbook on Peace Processes, with detailed analyses of peace processes in conflict-affected countries. Go to resource »
Themes: Research

2015 state of civil society report

The State of civil society report, from Civicus, is an annual examination of the state of civil society around the world. The report highlights the work of civil society in areas such as peacebuilding and humanitarian assistance. As well as successes, the report looks at the challenges facing civil society, from a lack of resources to attacks from armed groups and the state. Go to resource »
Themes: Development

2015 UNHCR subregional operations profile - Eastern Europe

A summary of the situation of refugees and IDPs in Georgia. Go to resource »
Themes: Refugees and IDPs
Conflicts: Georgia
Countries: Georgia

2017: Elections in Africa

Published: 24 01 2017 · From: Africa Research Institute
This page offers an overview of the issues around and within upcoming elections in Africa. The page includes links to "expert briefings" on why these elections matter and what are their likely effects. Go to resource »
Themes: Development; Governance
Conflicts: Liberia; Rwanda; Somalia
Countries: Angola; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Liberia; Rwanda; Somalia

2017 Humanitarian Needs Overview: Nigeria, November 2016

Published: 16 01 2017 · From: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
This report offers an overview of the humanitarian needs most prevalent in Nigeria in 2017. Go to resource »
Themes: Health & counselling
Conflicts: Nigeria
Countries: Nigeria

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

From: at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
A page delivering information on the conflict in the Ivory Coast, focusing on displacement of people. There are reports and an interactive map showing numerical data on several issues. Go to resource »
Themes: Development; Refugees and IDPs; Research; Transitional justice and reconciliation
Conflicts: Ivory Coast
Countries: Côte d'Ivoire

A bitter harvest and grounds for reform: the Nuba Mountains, conflicted land and transitional Sudan

From: Berghof
This paper looks at the problems in transitional areas of Sudan, such as South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei. Go to resource »
Themes: Conflict prevention and early warning; Development; Research
Conflicts: South Sudan; Sudan
Countries: South Sudan; Sudan

A bitter legacy: lessons of de-Baathification in Iraq

From: International Center for Transitional Justice
Based on significant field research and interviews with the Higher National de-Baathification Commission, this report focuses on Iraq’s purge of members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party, which is the most well-known example of large-scale and politically based dismissals in the Middle East and North Africa. The report summarizes the structure and impact of de-Baathification from 2003 to 2011. It gives unique insight into de-Baathification’s goals, framework, impact, and problems.  Go to resource »
Themes: Governance; Research
Conflicts: Iraq
Countries: Iraq
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