Ambika Pokhrel is our Local Peacebuilding Expert in Nepal. She has significant experience working in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She also has more than 10 year experience as a trainer and facilitator in conflict transformation, women’s peace and security, and collaborative leadership and dialogue. She has provided a number of trainings and facilitated many workshops and dialogue sessions with the members of civil society, political leaders and women activists. She has published training manuals on the above fields which have been widely distributed and used.

Latest from Ambika Pokhrel

Local elections: a step for strengthening democracy in Nepal?

The last time local elections took place in Nepal was 20 years ago. But now the path to democracy is being frustrated by strikes and election boycotts. Ambika Pokhrel reports. Read more »

17 July 2017

Nepal: the uphill struggle for justice

A year into Nepal's Truth Commissions, changing governments and resistance from top-ranking officials continues to frustrate the path to peace. Read more »

26 April 2017

Three women in three major roles: coincidence or a step towards equality and empowerment?

Nepal currently has a female President, Speaker of the Parliament and Chief Justice, a big step for a country that has been struggling for equality. Read more »

25 July 2016

Nepal’s first democratic constitution sparks mass unrest

Since Nepal adopted its first democratic constitution in September 2015, the country has been marked by protests and blockades. Ambika Pokhrel reports. Read more »

23 May 2016

Nepal's new constitution: a path to peace or further crisis?

As Nepal adopts a new constitution, Ambika Pokhrel reports on the country’s progress towards peace. Read more »

20 October 2015

Nepal's peace process in the aftermath of the earthquake

How the aftermath of Nepal's earthquake has renewed the constitution writing process and may lead to peace and reconstruction. Read more »

17 June 2015

Making waves in the mountains: the women's groups fighting for a fairer future in Nepal

Ambika Pokhrel describes the dedicated but under-reported work being done by volunteer women's organisations to foster peace in Nepal. Read more »

08 March 2015

When will victims in Nepal get their justice?

A look at the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Disappearance Commission in the steps toward justice for victims of Nepal’s civil war. Read more »

13 May 2014

Shyam Kumari Sah: an emerging female peacebuilder

Shyam Kumari Sah, local peacebuilding organisation, Mukti Nepal, speaks about their work to eradicate female human rights abuses and injustice. Read more »

09 July 2013

Women in Nepal: the need to be recognised

What is needed to provide give women in Nepal the chances to become leaders and peacebuilders. Read more »

18 December 2012