Lina María Jaramillo is Peace Insight’s Local Peacebuilding Expert for Colombia. Lina María is a political scientist with Master's degrees in International Studies and International Development. For the past eight years, she has worked on projects related to peace, security and development issues, and is currently with Oxfam as Knowledge Management Officer.

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The opportunities for peace that come with a global pandemic

In this article, local peacebuilding expert in Colombia Lina María Jaramillo reflects on the impact of COVID-19 for peacebuilders, along with the opportunities brought about by a pandemic. Read more »

22 July 2020

Six attitudes Colombian peacebuilders should replicate

Peacebuilding in Colombia has a long history, and not all efforts in this field are linked to the current peace implementation process. One of our local peacebuilding experts shares six ways that civil society is enhancing peacebuilding. She hopes that this will help other grassroots actors learn about the attitudes and tools required to lead the country to sustainable peace, thinking of a long-term process and sustainable results that start from the local level. Read more »

30 July 2019

Does life matter to Colombians?

On the 3rd of July, most Colombians were celebrating a stunning performance from their national team at the football World Cup. Yet at the same time, several assassinations and massacres were happening in different regions across Colombia. This article calls for Colombia to denounce violence on this day and every day, and protect its social leaders and peacebuilders by raising awareness of the risks they are facing by serving their communities. Read more »

06 July 2018

Understanding the implementation of the Colombian peace agreement: the Kroc Institute Report

It has been over a year since a peace agreement was signed between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government. What is the status report on its implementation? A newly released report from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies may provide the answer. Read more »

07 December 2017

Colombia: how strong is the commitment to peace?

Colombia is six months in to a peace deal intended to end 50 years of conflict. With presidential elections due next year, the prospect of lasting peace is even more complicated than before. Lina Maria Jaramillo reports on some of the issues that have emerged since the peace deal. Read more »

15 August 2017

El Avispero: the civil society network promoting peace in Colombia

The promise of peace in Colombia has led to the increased activism of young people, who through technology are promoting local change and peacebuilding, says Lina Maria Jaramillo. Read more »

13 March 2017

The hangover of peace in Colombia

In a recent referendum in Colombia, voters rejected a potential peace agreement with a key armed group, leaving the country in the grip of uncertainty. Read more »

06 October 2016

Colombia’s peace plebiscite: the ‘Yes’ movement

On 2 October 2016, peace agreements worked out through years of negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla group will be endorsed or rejected through a public vote. Read more »

22 September 2016

Peace in Colombia: it lies in our hands

The 24 August will go down in history as the day when peace talks at Havana were closed, and an agreement between FARC and the Colombian government found. Read more »

26 August 2016

Welcoming peace in Colombia

A definitive ceasefire agreement was signed in Havana last week. Colombian civil society celebrated by dancing in the streets.  Read more »

27 June 2016