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16 Ravensdene Park, Belfast BT6 0DA, Northern Ireland
028 9064 7106

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation

INNATE provides information and training on nonviolence and nonviolent action. It acts as a network linking those committed to, or interested in non-violent action and training. Some of INNATE’s work is intertwined with community relations and the development of a nonviolent response to areas of community tension. In the context of ‘peace’ work, INNATE insists that a radical concept of nonviolence and nonviolent action, learning from both Irish and international experience, offers much to address the conflict in Northern Ireland.

INNATE was the first body to introduce monitoring of contentious parades and situations to Northern Ireland in the latter part of the Troubles, but is equally at home with actions involving advocacy, including nonviolent direct action, as it is with mediative ‘third party’ action. Some of INNATE’s ‘learning’ is reflected in the workshops and editorials on its website.

INNATE has only volunteer members of staff and no permanent employees.

Internationally, INNATE has informal links with other structures but is formally associated or affiliated with two, respectively faith-based and secular nonviolence internationals:

  • International Fellowship of Reconciliation which has its headquarters in Alkmaar, the Netherlands;
  • War Resisters’ International, which has its headquarters in London;

INNATE monitor debrief INNATE monitor debrief

Nonviolent News

INNATE run ‘Nonviolent News’, a newsletter to keep people informed about peace, nonviolence, human rights and green issues locally and internationally. Nonviolent News started in 1990 and has been produced monthly (usually 10 full issues a year with a couple of shorter news supplements) since 1994. It is published in print as well as in extended email and web editions.

The aim of the project is to ensure that people in Ireland and Northern Ireland have information about groups and initiatives in peace, nonviolence, campaigning, and to some extent green issues and human rights. While concentrating on Irish groups,North and South, the perspective is an international one and seeks to cover solidarity groups to some extent.

Last updated: December 2018