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Parsonstown, Batterstown, County Meath
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Thematic areas

Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation

The group was formed in April 1993 after a peace rally in Slane, Co. Meath. It is not connected to any political party or religious denomination and was founded on the belief that ordinary people have a role and responsibility in bringing about a climate in which a just and lasting peace can develop. They are particularly active in fostering North-South links.

They aim to promote peace through the fostering of understanding, mutual respect, trust, co-operation and friendship on a basis of dialogue between people from the North and South of Ireland, and between communities in Northern Ireland, and to encourage and facilitate ordinary people to recognise their role and responsibility in helping to promote peace and understanding.

Their work is realised through providing services such as public talks, seminars, education/schools projects and outreach/networking with various groups in Northern Ireland. Over the almost 25 years of its existence, the group has produced reports on a range of peace-process-related issues, including police and other reforms, human rights, and education, and transcripts/summaries of most of their public talks and seminars are available on the group's website.

Last updated: December 2017