James Kataliko

James Kataliko, is Project Leader of Kijiji Cha Amani, The Sentinel Project in DR Congo.
He graduated in Neuro Psychiatry and Licentiate in Public Health and is an Assistant Scout Trainer. After many trainings on reporting on local radio stations, he worked for a long time with young people and children in the field of peace education, human rights, sexual health and environmental justice.
He was a community mediator in peace education on the Great Lakes Peace Promotion Project (DSSGL) then Trainer of Community Mediators; and involved in the U-report and UNIELEZE project with UNICEF in DRC. In 2015, as Deputy National Commissioner for Community Development of the Federation of Scout of DR Congo and Coordinator of the International Human Rights Training Network (RFIDH) in Eastern DRC, and Peace One Day Focal Point in North Kivu. It was through these experiences that he began to develop the ideas that resulted in Kijiji Cha Amani, The Sentinel Project after his experience in Kenya with UNAHAKIKA.