Moro People’s Community Organisation for Reform and Empowerment (People’s CORE)

Moro PCORE works for community empowerment and peace through education, organisation and mobilisation in the Philippines.

moro pcoreThe Moro People's Community Organisation for Reform and Empowerment (Moro PCORE) is a non-profit organisation working for community empowerment and peace through education, organisation and mobilisation. Its mission is to reach out, educate, organise and mobilise the community for empowerment. It believes that through grassroots efforts, a genuine peace can be realised through dialogue, mediation, negotiation, consultation and meaningful talks. It was officially founded in 2011, although the conceptualisation of the organisation began two years earlier.

Moro PCORE's main purpose is to contribute to the resolution of conflict between warring parties: the rebels and the military. It empowers communities to stave off violence. It also responds to conflict between or among the Moro, Ethnic tribes and Christians. The mistrust and conflict among these groups is deep rooted. The organisation recognises that peacebuilding efforts need to reach out to all concerned groups to make them understand the necessity of peace and peaceful co-existence.


In the last two years, Moro PCORE's successes have included:

  • 10 community organisations with 490 total members.
  • Literacy and numeracy classes that have benefitted 194 women.
  • Leadership development trainings for 840 women, youth and men.
  • Skills training on handicrafts with 190 women.
  • Peace advocacy seminars and activities for the youth.
  • A peace-building caravan traveled to 17 towns and 1 city in the province of North Cotabato, with the attendance of 25,000 youth.
  • Mediation between some Moro clans and the B'laan ethnic tribes on the issue of land ownership.
Moro PCORE has also facilitated through its youth volunteers, the formation of Initiating Committee on Students Concern at the University of Southern Mindanao. The students had on and off classes for 6 months because of the on-going protests which were becoming more violent and intimidating students. The committee intervened and helped improved the situation.

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