Peace and Reconciliation Group (PRG)

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The Peace and Reconciliation Group works to build bridges and promote a peaceful and inclusive society for all in Northern Ireland.
Last updated: September 2010

The Peace and Reconciliation Group was established in 1976 to build bridges and promote a peaceful and inclusive society for all in Northern Ireland.

A major strand of PRG work involves getting people to talk to one another. This may happen in the form of structured workshops or training programmes, specifically designed projects, mediation sessions, or in a more private way.

In addition to structured work PRG are also involved in assisting community organisations and the Police Services of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to find ways to manage and mediate contentious situations which arise in connection with parades, bonfires, football matches, elections and other events. PRG staff are regularly asked to facilitate meetings, deliver workshops, contribute to public debates and publications, host visits from overseas and participate in other events.


Corrymeela Family Respite Holidays

This project is designed for the benefit of families from interface areas or single identity communities in the Derry/Londonderry and Donegal border areas. There is room for up to 14 families. While this is an opportunity for people to unwind and enjoy spending time together, away from the daily stresses and pressures, everyone is also be expected to join in with a programme of community relations activities and workshops. The aim is for everyone to return home feeling relaxed and refreshed and hopefully also inspired, challenged and with a better understanding of oneself and different cultures.

Dealing with the Past, Shaping the Future

“Dealing with the Past, Shaping the Future” is an innovative new PRG project which is funded through the Peace III programme: Priority 1: Reconciling Communities Theme, 1.2: Acknowledging and Dealing with the Past, Strand 3: Securing the Future.The main focus of this project will be to engage with cross border statutory and voluntary organisations and individuals to develop programmes that will deal with the past and help pave the way for Northern Ireland’s divided communities to be reconciled.

Ballymena Single Identity Project

The programme promotes reconciliation and combat sectarianism by extending knowledge and understanding of both groups' own cultural heritage, and that of other groups. It fosters tolerance and the acceptance of cultural diversity through promoting understanding of historical events which have created divisions, and through dialogue with community workers and others who address their legacy.

Heritage Project

The border areas have suffered particular difficulties during the conflict and sharp divisions still remain in the area, both in the form of the physical border, but also socially, culturally and economically. This project aims to address this through the concept of a shared heritage and promote the idea of a shared future by allowing participants to feel part of a wider community without the barrier of the border. The project will help to build trust and respect for each other cultures, as well as creating opportunities to explore the shared and diverse culture and heritage of the border region.

This a cross border, cross community heritage project, and in the planning and delivery of all trails, the utmost effort is made to divide attention as equally as possible between both sides of the border and between both communities, clearly demonstrating both the shared heritage of the area and our unique and defining cultural heritage.

Let's Talk Politics

The aim of this event is to challenge traditional voting patterns and to educate young people on democracy and elections, while at the same time providing a safe space for young people to exchange views and opinions. It also provides politicians with information on what issues are relevant and important to young people.

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