G..M. Shoeb Ahmed is Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Expert in Bangladesh. Over 10 years he has extensive experience in peacebuilding, youth development, small arms control, human security, women’s rights and entrepreneurship, and has coordinated and facilitated training, advocacy workshops and national seminars on these issues. He has Master’s degrees in Development from BRAC University and International Relations from the University of Dhaka. Previously he worked in Saferworld, UNDP, The Hunger Project and BWCCI.

Latest from G. M. Shoeb Ahmed

The Rohingya: stateless humans

Described as the "world's most persecuted minority", the Rohingya have again been the target of violent attacks, causing as many as 480,000 to flee their homes. Read more »

04 October 2017

The peacebuilding potential of folk culture in Bangladesh

G. M. Shoeb Ahmed discusses the potential of folk-based peacebuilding initiatives in Bangladesh. Read more »

07 August 2017

Women and violence in Bangladesh

Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert and Sumaya Imam Shuhcita say that to solve women’s problems in Bangladesh, women must be involved. Read more »

Crime, violence and extremism in Bangladesh: how to rebuild society?

Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert discusses the need for civil society and government to work together to tackle violence in Bangladesh. Read more »

14 March 2017

The Rohingya crisis: a view from Bangladesh

Fazle Elahi and Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert discuss the situation of the Rohingya in Bangladesh. Read more »

16 September 2016

Extremism in Bangladesh: part two

In the second of a two-part series, Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert discusses the causes and consequences of radicalisation. Read more »

15 June 2016

Extremism in Bangladesh - part one

In the first of a two-part series on extremism in Bangladesh, our Local Peacebuilding Expert discusses developments with researchers.  Read more »

10 June 2016

A burning issue in Bangladesh: how to bring peace to the Chittagong Hill Tracts?

The Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh has been plagued by violence for years. Our Bangladesh Peacebuilding Expert explores the issues. Read more »

06 May 2016

Young people in peacebuilding: unfulfilled potential?

Young people have a lot to contribute to peacebuilding in Bangladesh. But they need more support and guidance, argues our Bangladesh Peacebuilding Expert. Read more »

04 December 2015